Tea: The Different Varieties

tea (tee) is one of the leading well-liked beverages in the world, and for reasonable reasons. It’s flavorful, energising, and possesses several possible health benefits. But where by does tea come from? Do you know the different types of tea? And exactly how should you really be preparing it for maximum flavour and satisfaction? In this particular post, we shall solution all of these questions plus more! So relax, relax, and savor a good cup of the preferred tea!

Past of Tea

Tea has been around for centuries, and its actual origins are a bit of a suspense. Some think that tea originated in Chinese suppliers, although some say it originated in India. Whatever we know is that tea was brought to the Western side within the 17th century by Dutch forex traders. Tea quickly grew to be very well liked in Europe, specifically amongst the Uk. In reality, tea drinking grew to become this kind of a big part of United kingdom tradition that it even played a role from the American Revolution!

Kinds of Tea

There are numerous types of tea, however they can broadly be split into two classes: black colored tea and green tea. Black teas are the most prevalent sort of tea in the world and can include well-liked versions like Earl Greyish and English Breakfast. Eco-friendly teas are a lot less oxidized than black color teas and so are shown to convey more health benefits. Some popular green teas consist of matcha and sencha.

Making Ideas

Since you now know a little more about tea, it’s a chance to learn to make an ideal cup! The first task is to find the correct sort of tea for the preference. If you’re unsure how to begin, try out black tea or natural tea. After you’ve chosen your tea, it’s time and energy to add more water. The liquid must be with a going boil whenever you pour it on the tea foliage. Enable the tea to high for three to five minutes or so, then enjoy!


Tea is actually a delicious, relaxing beverage that has numerous probable health benefits. As you now know a little bit more about its background and how to make it, just go and like a mug of tea right now! Cheers!